Elevate Your Sales With Our Email Chat Outsourcing Services

The use of email in consumer interaction and relationship maintenance has become essential. Email is becoming the primary and most practical method of contact for customers with companies. Your company needs the necessary resources and support staff to manage massive emails in such a situation. We want to make our clients' businesses stand out in terms of assistance by utilizing our years of experience in offering high-quality email support outsourced in technical and IT helpdesk services. This is why Email chat outsourcing services with Back Office Centers will guarantee that all emails are acknowledged and answered promptly. You can attain your ideal customer relationship management objectives with our email support services expertise.

Experts in improving and expediting email support

Anyone can use email for customer service, but we are experts at making it effective. You need a workforce that can quickly reply day and night while managing thousands of emails daily. Outsourcing email assistance is beneficial in this situation. Email chat outsourcing allows you to respond to inquiries quickly and reduces the abandon ratio to a greater extent.

Our chat outsourcing services are offered for technical and non-technical goods and services and are tailored to meet specific business needs.

You can benefit from our email support outsourcing services by doing the following.

Email continues to be favored by many clients over other forms of communication. Customers may think less favorably of you if you cannot meet their wants in the email. Organizations must collaborate with the best multi-channel customer support service to effectively handle their email customers. For any business and customer need, Back Office Centers provides the best Email outsourcing services as part of its customer care services.

The following are some advantages of email support services:

Outsourcing your marketing and sales effort through email and chat support is feasible and profitable. Customers wishing to boost their revenue without jeopardizing their savings or bottom line can take advantage of our full service.

  • Easily reach customers

    Customers in the modern day are constantly on the go. It is preferable first to contact your consumers by email because everyone has a smartphone today that enables them to access their mailbox whenever they want. In addition, many customers prefer emailing a business with any questions or problems they may have with their phones, tablets, or other gadgets. You can guarantee that all client emails are swiftly and adequately responded to with the correct email support outsourcing partner, which will raise their satisfaction with your services.

  • Continuous Support with Email Capability

    Sending and receiving files via email is simple and convenient. In some circumstances, it could be required to include files in the email body, such as a screenshot of the issue. For instance, if a consumer claims they received a damaged or incorrect product, they can upload images of the item to support their claim. Claim or warranty extensions are examples of other customer interactions where submitting a file might be required. To confirm their purchase and additional information, users can affix a scanned copy of the invoice in this situation. You may indeed receive the best Email support outsourcing with Back Office Centers.

  • Efficient Way to Win Customer's Trust

    Emails are reliable because written communication is valued more highly than vocal communication. Customers believe that expressing their questions or concerns to the business via email will guarantee that their problems will be adequately treated and dealt with quickly. Additionally, when you acknowledge their complaints in an email, they will be relieved that your team has received their message and is taking it seriously. Without investing a fortune, your business may easily Chat support outsourcing to Back Office Centers, and the outcomes will be far superior regarding client satisfaction levels

  • Conduct email customer surveys

    You must know and comprehend your clients' satisfaction levels with your offerings. You can utilize customer surveys sent by email to gather information about your consumers' preferences and purchasing habits, which you can use to improve the products and services your business offers.
    The survey can be developed, uploaded to a URL, and emailed to the respondents. Your clients can access the study whenever it's convenient for them using any device, thanks to our non-intrusive manner. This survey can be completed conveniently when you outsource email assistance to Back Office Centers.

  • Providing Support for Customers' Detailed Issues

    More so than any other medium, your customers can discuss their problems in detail in an email. They can consider and make a list of the parties and the issues they are having, which the company's leaders can precisely examine. Doing so makes it easier to comprehend the consumer's problems and propose a suitable solution. Additionally, it lessens the number of times a consumer must call about the same issue. Email support outsourcing to businesses like Back Office Centers can help save time and effort on the deep investigation of client issues.

Services provided by Back Office Centers' email support include:

  • After-Sale Support

    Your consumers will receive reliable product and service information from our team via email. We will also address questions about orders, returns and exchanges, refunds, and warranties. Additionally, we will update your consumers on their orders' dispatch and delivery progress. Our comprehensive after-sales email service will ensure that all your customers' inquiries are answered correctly and quickly.

  • Application Support

    To answer all customer questions, our email support service team will be knowledgeable in the technical aspects of your goods and services. Hardware support, installation guidance, and product activation instructions will all be included in our email replies.

  • Consumer Service

    For the demands of your organization, we will manage customer engagement and retention. Our professional team will handle customer issues, complaints, and loyalty program management. Each email is customized to fulfill client expectations and improve the perception of your brand.

  • Revenue Management

    Accurate and secure revenue management is required. Our staff will achieve this without a doubt. Billing, invoicing, claims, and we will handle debt collection. We will also offer order management and order processing services. Our quick and in-the-moment email response services will guarantee that any revenue inquiries are successfully resolved.

  • How to get started with email outsourcing service?

    Getting started with email support outsourcing services (integration and overall administration) is accessible. It is considerably more precise and less expensive than hiring, training, managing, and streamlining an internal workforce. Back Office Centers will provide excellent support staff and a committed project manager. They will work directly with you, but most importantly, our commitment to guaranteeing the highest caliber of services.

  • The goals of your company in detail

    What do you want to accomplish with email support? Is it brand advertising or customer service? The most crucial factor is the type of email help you require.

  • Select the necessary level and skills.

    What level of email support services do you typically use, and what abilities do you believe an agent should have? Mention the time zone and language in which the email support services are available so audiences can use them efficiently. Mention the languages you specifically wish to support if you're seeking a multilingual tech support solution.


Our thoroughly vetted and well-trained staff of contact center representatives and other experts will collaborate with you to create a knowledge base of details and frequently asked questions regarding your campaign. Because it will eventually turn into a comprehensive reference manual for client inquiries, concerns, transactions, and handling procedures, this knowledge database will drastically reduce response times. As the database is regularly updated, more leads will be handled in less time, increasing your revenues.

How quickly can you respond to a single email?

We have a pre-drafted email that will be sent out in response to frequent inquiries and customized to your preferences. We will modify the email and forward it to you for approval for emails that call for specific answers. The responses will be sent following approval. This whole process ought to take a short while.

Can you offer both chat and email help at once?

Yes, we offer email and chat support, with separate fees for each. Additionally, call center and email support services can be combined. Please contact us for additional details about Email chat outsourcing services.

So, My Email info is safe there?

While outsourcing call center services, we recognize that you may have several worries. We take considerable precautions to guard against accidental, unauthorized, and illegal disclosure of your company's information. We protect our customer data and regularly monitor our legal compliance. Therefore, rest easy knowing that your company's data is safe.

This is your chance to expand your customer care team without taking substantial financial risks. A specific approach to increase productivity and reduce overhead costs is to use email chat support. Please discuss this with us now so you can stop worrying and start making more money.