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Data Entry

data entry service

The task of congregating raw data and compiling it to form a database is known as data entry. Though this back office process seems to be as simple as ABC but it is much more complicated than it seems to be.

Data Mining

data mining service

The huge volumes of data that enterprises deal with needs to filtered, in order to obtain prolific information. This is a critical process and it requires both expertise and experience; an individual, who is unfamiliar with the technicalities of this task.

Catalog Management

catalogue management services

In the age of digitization, businesses are immensely dependent on technology. From creating a database for back office operations to creating and sharing PowerPoint presentations, almost every business process is dependent on technology.

Data conversion

Data conversion services

Data conversion is the process of converting the format of data into the one that matches the requirement of a particular business process. Data is encoded in different ways.

Data digitization

Data digitization service

Data digitization AKA document digitation is a methodology in which data or information is extracted from various resources like books, newspapers, websites, video and audio files, etc.

Order processing

Order processing services

Order processing is by far one amongst the most critical processes that are a part of an enterprise's back office. This is the process that seals a sales deal and it shouldn't be anything less than flawless.

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Someone once said that excellence is not a single act but a habit and this is what we believe in. At Back Office Centers, we are dedicated to achieving excellence by offering back office outsourcing solutions that are dynamic and propitious. With a diversified clientele and extensive experience, we hail to be one amongst the most competent outsourcing service providers in the domain.

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